Saturday, March 18, 2017

A stop on Maui’s Ke’anae Peninsula

Ke’anae Peninsula
Lava at high noon

By Chuck Smythe

Last October in Hawaii, on the way to Hana, I visited the island of Maui’s Ke’anae Peninsula. [“Ke’anae” is Hawaiian for “the mullet,” a chiefly marine fish that is widely caught for food – according to]
    My wife and I stopped for lunch in an unincorporated village of the same name as the peninsula. Besides being the closest thing to a town of the villages along the way to Hana, the village of Ke’anae claims some fame for its funky nineteenth century church built of lava blocks.
Maui Information Guide

    My Canon photos of breaking waves were taken at high noon.

    No water sports in that cove! A little rough, as you see.

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