Friday, March 3, 2017

In celebration of the people of Moristotle & Co.

By Moristotle

It occurred to me today that I could construct a collage of photos of members of the staff, some past – one even deceased. And I’ve added Ms. Bindi Danchenko as well (her presence can remind us that “Everyone poops”).

    And I created the one below by doing a screen shot to capture the text, for use on our Facebook page:

Copyright © 2017 by Moristotle


  1. This is wonderful Morris. And it is fascinating to see who is next to whom in the different iterations. You mischievous man!

    1. Eric, delighted that you enjoyed the collage, which was a sort of student learning project, in that I hardly knew what I was doing (with Photoshop layers) going in, but I learned enough (I hope) to do a better job the next time (without any crevices to fill with black or grey or whatever).
          Any mischievousness you perceive was totally the responsibility of my muse, as I was too focused on the Photoshop technicalities to much notice who was next to whom.