Sunday, March 19, 2017

Night light

Rather noir

By Moristotle

When I looked into the bathroom mirror early this morning, my visage illuminated only by the blue of our new LED night light, I thought the effect was...interesting?
    I decided to take some photos, which in this case meant selfies. (I beg your pardon.)
    The top photo is unedited (aside from cropping); the others were the result of playing around with some camera effects:

Copyright © 2017 by Moristotle


  1. i like the blue one, i love our led nightlights, take them when we travel, old folks have issues in dim light

    1. Yes, yes, yes! And I didn't mention how they (we have two in our bedroom and one in the bathroom) aren't on all the time, but are activitated by motion-sensing, staying on for only 20 seconds (or until activated again). Also, they have rechargeable batteries, so, during a power failure, you can unplug them and use them as flashlights.